Singer/songwriter Sara Groves to perform at Crestmont

by Josh Cowing – 

Singer/songwriter Sara Groves—who will perform during Commissioning weekend—has changed my opinion of contemporary Christian music. Her latest album, Add to the Beauty, isn’t the straightforward, predictable, praise and worship music I expected. Rather, I found fully formed, intensely personal songs that probed the depths of faith and devotion to a God that we love, but don’t always understand.

Groves’ voice is melancholic and hopeful, resulting in a feeling that she’s taken all the abuse the world has to offer, and come out the other side stronger in her faith. The effect is instantly engaging, as the listener identifies with what she’s been through. Her lyrical work supports this feeling—poetically profound, emotionally truthful, and always spiritually uplifting.

Of this CD, Groves says, “God has invited us, as mere human beings, to add to the beauty of his plan and creation…The Kingdom of God transcends politics and policy, nationality, gender and race…the way we do church, and makes us a real live body of believers. It gives us the ability to be very different and still bear with one another…[giving] us the power…to love each other with a love that never fails.”

On June 9, Sara Groves will be performing at Crestmont. Perhaps you are already familiar with her raw, poignant talent and are planning to attend. But if you are unfamiliar with her work, and undecided about attending another Commissioning event, I encourage you to take the time to experience her music in person. That evening will be the perfect beginning to the events of the weekend, setting a tone of worship and commitment, and inviting each of us to add to the beauty of God’s Kingdom.

Sara Groves will perform with her band at Crestmont on Friday, June 9, 2006. Admission is free.

MEET THE CADETS of the Visionaries Session

MEET THE CADETS of the Visionaries Session

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Kettle contributions total $107 million

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