Silver Stars presented at Parents’ Banquet

Commissioning activities overflow with excitement

At the annual Parents’ Banquet, the cadets of the Bridgebuilders Session honored their parents or spiritual mentors with the ceremonial presentation of Silver Star pins.

Lt. Colonel Carolyn Peacock, Crestmont College campus services director, led the meeting. Guests of honor included General John Larsson and Commissioner Freda Larsson, Commissioners W. Todd Bassett and Carol Bassett, Commissioner Linda Bond, Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock, and Lt. Colonels Donald Bell and Debora Bell.

Cadet Magaly Laubach, mother of four, gave a tribute to the parents, commenting on the parable of the lost son (Luke 15:11-31). In this story, Jesus illustrates the “love of our heavenly father expressed through the love of a human father”—emphasizing the greatness of God’s love for each of us. She thanked the parents for their persistence, support and steadfast love, and closed with a moving personal message delivered in English to her in-laws and in Spanish to her parents.

Bond introduced Commissioner Larsson, describing her as “a woman of the 21st century” and “a wonderful leader.” Larsson commended the parents and mentors present, acknowledging their role in making the cadets who they are today, and observing that “now you’ve released them to serve and to answer God’s call.” She then reflected on the session name, “Bridgebuilders,” noting that the job of a bridge builder is too big to do alone. Families and supporters are vital to this bridge building, and for bridges to survive, she concluded, “they must have deep foundations—the love of Christ and the power found through his spirit.” She left the cadets with Paul’s prayer from Ephesians 3:16-19.

Bond, who is also territorial president of women’s organizations, presented the Silver Stars with the support of Secretary of the Fellowship of the Silver Star, Major Diana Jones. Assisting were Peacock, Major Charleen Bradley and Captain Brenda Mikesell.

The cadet chorus, led by Duncan Sutton, sang “Send the Fire,” with Major Kathy Wood accompanying on piano.

Captain Linda Jackson, assistant campus services director, coordinated the event.

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