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by Terry Camsey, Major – 

I’m fascinated by the number of businesses that want you to fill in a feedback card telling them how much you enjoyed (or not) the service they have provided. I’ve seen them in restaurants. I have received them every time my car has been serviced. They are in banks. In fact, any business worth its salt is seeking such feedback since it is invaluable in the way they conduct business.

According to the Office of Consumer Affairs, the average unhappy customer can’t wait to tell everyone in the world (except you) about your service. They estimate that only 4 percent of unhappy customers complain; the other 96 percent tell 10 others about their misfortune. We have (says the Office of Customer Affairs) to assume that no news from the customer is probably bad news from the customer!

“If you like what we do, (said one bank I saw in New Zealand) tell others. If you don’t, tell us!”

They, like many others value feedback. Especially negative input since it alerts them to issues they need to deal with if they are not to lose customers or, indeed, if they are to attract them.

I wonder how many corps give visitors an opportunity to provide their reaction to what has been offered? Isn’t that information absolutely vital to corps, hoping visitors will return and, preferably, bring their friends? Wouldn’t it be incredibly helpful in making sure that meetings accomplish what they set out to achieve (assuming that the objective is clear). I don’t know how you can design a meeting without a clear understanding of what you hope to gain from it… then measure results against expectations!

Dare we seek such feedback? Can we handle such feedback, seeing its value even though it may be negative, knowing that the information is like “gold dust” to those serious about ministry?

I wonder if the attached suggested feedback card might be valuable to those seeking the best, rather than being satisfied with better…or, worse…the status quo?

Focus – Buried in joy!

Focus – Buried in joy!

My oldest and youngest sons are a lot like me

What is the “short” story of Salvation Army music and Salvation Army musical practice at Christmas?

What is the “short” story of Salvation Army music and Salvation Army musical practice at Christmas?

by Ronald W

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