Sierra del Mar music camp welcomes 72

The Sierra del Mar Music Camp 2001 welcomed 72 students and featured guest leaders Roger and Jacqueline Coates from the United Kingdom Territory. Award winners were:

Beginner Band: Wendyam Ouedraogo-Oceanside Corps, and Jesus Chavez-San Diego City Heights Corps

Guitar: Samuel Florez-Escondido Corps

Junior Timbrels: Amber Ridley-Moreno Valley Corps

Boys Chorus: Jonathon Vasquez-El Centro Corps

Recorder Group: Froylan Garcia-San Diego City Heights Corps

Drama Group: Edgar Huerta-National City Temple Corps

Junior Chorus: Jasmine Penniman-Moreno Valley Corps

Percussion Ensemble: Krystal Elam-San Diego Citadel Corps

Music & Sign Language Class: Krystal Elam-San Diego Citadel Corps

Ivor Bosanko Band: Jonathon Vasquez-El Centro Corps

Dance Class: Nariko Navarro-San Diego City Heights Corps

Girls Chorus: Angela Graham-San Diego Citadel Corps

Senior Timbrels: Rachel Bailey-Oceanside Corps

Music Department Scholarship: Laura Foley-El Cajon Corps

Sierra del Mar Award: John (J.J.) Opina-San Diego Citadel Award

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