Sierra del Mar creates innovative coupon system

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Recipients can redeem coupons for immediate needs at Salvation Army divisional locations.



By Pamela Lennen


The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary in San Diego, Calif., created a Salvation Army coupon book to sell to those wishing to donate to the homeless without giving them actual money.

“After realizing how much the homeless population has grown over the last few years, we felt compelled to explore a new way of serving the public,” said Major Michele Lescano, divisional director of women’s ministries in the Sierra del Mar Division. “Our coupon book has provided an opportunity for doing the most good for both the homeless and those who encounter the homeless and want to help.”

Each coupon book is $25, and contains 10 coupons redeemable at Salvation Army centers throughout the Sierra del Mar Division. Each coupon is for needed items like a bus pass, clothing, shoes, socks, a meal and even food for a pet. The coupons can be torn out of the booklet and given individually.

When the recipient of the coupon goes to a nearby Salvation Army location to redeem the item, personnel will greet the individual and offer counseling, resources and hope for a better future. All Salvation Army centers are listed on the back of each coupon.

“In this project, we have accomplished the concept of doing the most good in two ways,” Lescano said. “First, we have served the public’s desire to give in the most efficient manner. Second, we are able to serve the homeless with their immediate needs as well as connecting them with caring Salvation Army personnel.”

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