Sheila Pitts: a positive role model


Meet Sheila Pitts, 14, a junior soldier of the Juneau, Alaska corps. Here is what she has to say about the Lord and her involvement in The Salvation Army: “I’m happy I learned about Jesus very young. I believe the Bible and know it’s true. “Salvation Army programs help kids with problems. It helps you have people to talk to about dealing with them or to forget them for a while. The Juneau Corps has very good people. Our officers are extraordinary—they take time to try to understand and set a good example for young people, and they’re fun to be around. Our teachers are very helpful and smart; they make learning fun.” Sheila is 4th generation Salvationist, a Commissioner’s Sunbeam and is active in Girl Guards, junior soldiers, singing company, the youth group, and corps cadets; she plays the trombone and keyboards, is in the timbrel brigade, and volunteers weekly for social services. Sheila consistently makes honor roll and has aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. Sheila lives with her grandmother and has faced many challenges in her life; she has met each one head on. At 14 she is a positive role model to younger soldiers. Sheila radiates a beautiful light that shines from within. Her grandmother says, “Sheila’s involvement with The Salvation Army has taught her it doesn’t matter whether your talent is great or small, how or where you grow up, how many corps programs you’re in or how long your family has been involved. She has learned what matters is that each person believes, repents and invites Jesus into their heart, allowing the changes he chooses, and every day and every choice includes Jesus.” Whatever Sheila chooses to do with her life, she will always radiate the joy of the Lord.


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