Service Corps team ventures to Germany for World Cup

Churches join together for international outreach.


As you are surely aware, 2006 is a very special year for Germany. The World Cup of Soccer is underway there; it runs from June 9–July 9, 2006—4 million fans and tourists are expected during this one month of sports mania. The world has indeed come to Germany!

Naturally, this is a wonderful opportunity for Christians to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Using this international sport platform, the church in Germany—including The Salvation Army—has prepared itself with the help of KickOff2006. This umbrella organization has developed many top quality resources while bringing the churches together to form a high-quality, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for evangelism.

The Salvation Army ministers in 11 of the 12 World Cup host cities and after discussion among leaders it was decided to concentrate evangelical efforts in six of these. How the teams, in each of these cities, are using the World Cup as a springboard for the gospel is as diverse as The Salvation Army itself. However, one thing is certain, with approximately 22 ministry-weeks and an international audience, we have an incredible opportunity to spread the good news.

The Western Territory is proud to send a team of six to participate in this incredible opportunity. The team is stationed in Berlin for the duration and its primary responsibility is to create outreach events that will bring locals to the corps to watch the games. During the game the team will be able to fellowship and witness to a wide variety of people. During non-game days the team will be combing the streets with evangelism tracts and participating in street evangelism.

Please pray for these individuals as they embark on a life-changing journey: Rachel Giffey-Brohaugh (team leader), Austin Anderson, Diana Cotto, Christin Davis, Carmen Magdaleno, Michael Moore.

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