Service Corps 2016 teams

Western Territory youth prepare for summer mission assignments

Each summer in the Western Territory, select youth 18 to 25 years old to experience first-hand the sharing of love, compassion and service to people around the world through the Service Corps eight-week mission program.

Team Dominican Republic

  • Katie Jo McPhee (Coeur d’Alene Kroc, Northwest Division)*
  • Alexandra Arias (Bellflower Temple, Southern California Division)
  • River Collier (Hilo Temple/RevHi, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division)
  • Sharon Riemers (Riverside Corps, Sierra Del Mar Division)
  • Viridiana Rios (Santa Cruz Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Joshua Flores (L.A. Central Corps, Southern California Division)

Team Belize

  • Priscilla Hsu (San Gabriel Corps, Southern California Division)*
  • Kiara Denis (Santa Cruz Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Sara Hepditch (RevHi, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division)
  • Naomi Stewart (Kaneohe Corps, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division)
  • Betsy Miller (Eastside Corps, Northwest Division)
  • Briana Sample (Petersburg Corps, Alaska Division)

Team USA: Boston, New York, Philadelphia

  • Gabriela Lima (L.A. Central Corps, Southern California Division)*
  • Shane’na Tate (Long Beach Citadel, Southern California Division)
  • Melanie McQuade (Gresham Corps, Cascade Division)
  • Sarah Covert (Monterey Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Anna Marino (San Diego Citadel, Sierra Del Mar Division)
  • Jennifer Breazeale (Fresno Citadel, Golden State Division)

Team Czech Republic/Slovakia

  • Victoria Hartt (Yuma Corps, Southwest Division)*
  • David Reardon (Seattle Temple, Northwest Division)
  • Sara Ray (Salem Kroc, Cascade Division)
  • Sierrah Barnett (Merced Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Kerrigan McDonald-Ortega (Glendale Corps, Southwest Division)
  • Sebastian Santillan (Visalia Corps, Golden State Division)

Team Ecuador

  • Team Leader: Amelia Jones (SOMA Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Lorine Desardouin (Las Vegas Citadel, Southwest Division)
  • Carlos Olivo (Pomona Corps, Southern California Division)
  • Chloe Kelsey (Cathedral City Corps, Sierra Del Mar Division)
  • Jordan Rodriguez (Visalia Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Flora Cardenas-Bejarano (Modesto Red Shield, Golden State Division)

* Team leader

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