SBC volunteers help lambs play safely

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Determined group completes first phase of construction.

by Ava Simpson – 

SBC volunteers work to improve Army day care playground.

When rain threatened to cancel the playground project at The Salvation Army’s Little Lambs Day Care Center in Sacramento, Calif., SBC Project Leader Jeanne Smith, who experienced some fallout due to the shaky weather, said, “We may not have as big of a crew as anticipated, but we will get things done!” A determined group of SBC volunteers showed up and were rewarded with a spectacular, sunny day.

Then they proceeded to get things done. The day’s goal was to construct a children’s sandbox that included a backboard grid which would be fitted with toys and activities at a later date.

Most of the team members were rookies with power tools, so they looked to Mike Wilson. “Measure twice, cut once,” quickly became the motto of the group working with premium grade redwood.

The next few hours were filled with sawing, drilling, stacking and hammering. Like most do-it-yourself projects, there was some improvisation required, along with the inevitable trips to the hardware store.

As the clouds started to roll in, the crew relaxed knowing Phase I was complete. SBC will be back next spring to paint a colorful mural on the fence and have a potluck with the 35 happy pre-schoolers.

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