San Francisco Citadel Goes South

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by Lt. Lawry A. Smith – 

Building on the momentum of strong community support during the Christmas season, the San Francisco Citadel Corps–to become the South San Francisco Citadel Corps when it moves to a new location this month–is looking forward to a new year filled with growth and ministry.

“The construction of the new facility is close to completion, and we are excited about moving into this area,” says Lt. Phil Smith, corps officer.

“We envision challenging this new population with outreach ministry as we seek to offer new programs such as Kids Klub, Saturday night praise and worship services, and Women’s Ministries. We also hope to open our facility to non-Salvation Army groups such as Boy Scouts, service clubs and recovery organizations.”

The Army has served the social needs of South San Francisco by channeling funds through a C.O.R.E. agency, serving as a service extension unit. “We need to continue determining the needs of the people in this community so we can begin to establish ways to meet those needs,” said Smith. “We are anxious to establish an advisory board right away so they can begin to help us raise the needed funds.”

In a clear show of community support at the corps’ kettle kick-off, Mayor Joe Fernekes, South San Francisco, and Mayor Ed Simon, San Bruno, presented Smith with proclamations declaring the day “Salvation Army Kettle Kick-off Day in South San Francisco.” Gina Morabe, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, hosted the event.



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