Salvation Army offers comfort to San Bernardino community

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In the wake of Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, The Salvation Army responded by offering food, snacks, water and Gatorade to those gathered in The Rudy Hernandez Community Center—the designated family reunification area.

As survivors were bussed to the building to be reunited with family members, others waited to find out the fate of their loved ones. Salvation Army officers and volunteers arrived at 3 p.m. to offer words of comfort, prayer and something to eat and drink.


The Salvation Army set up three tables and served hamburgers donated by McDonald’s, sandwiches donated by Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, pastries and nuts donated by Costco, chips, licorice, Gatorade and water.

They stayed after the last bus arrived to comfort those whose loved ones had not been located.

“These are our neighbors and each and every one is beloved to us,” said Major Daniel Henderson, San Bernardino corps officer. “This is a devastating tragedy, but I firmly believe that by working together, our community will be able to move on from this time, stronger and more united than ever before.”

Salvation Army locations in San Bernardino went on lockdown as a safety precaution and all bellringers were picked up from local stores.

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