Russians, motorcyclists converge in Cheyenne, Wyo.

MOTORCYCLISTS RALLIED IN support of Salvation Army ministry in a massive toy run.

Big, bad, mean, crusty, hard-drinking rabble-rousers—this is the common picture of those who belong to motorcycle clubs. It was a totally different picture provided recently to Major Wes Sundin, Cheyenne Corps officer.

Over 600 motorcyclists rallied together for a massive toy run with Christmas presents for children. They brought huge teddy bears mounted on the front of their Harleys, as well as boxed gifts with cars, fire engines, and even bicycles. A local fireman had recently purchased his own personal fire engine, and also came to the rally. His fire engine was a centerpiece for the motorcyclists to display the toys that they brought for the children for Christmas.

Sundin noticed a tear in more than one motorcycle enthusiast’s eye. When asked how they felt about what they were doing, they responded, “It’s for the kids, Major. That’s what its all about.” Some shared that growing up, no one cared for them, and they want to reverse that for some little kids, letting them know that there are people who do care about them, even if it is a tough, hard-bitten, hard-riding motorcycle guy or gal.

Needless to say, Sundin left that rally laden with toys for kids, and with a tear in his own eye.

Russian doctors visit

A large group of doctors from all over Russia recently visited Cheyenne in conjunction with Friendship Force, a local and international cultural exchange program. Cheyenne CSM James Webber and his wife Carolyn are part of the Friendship Force, and were hosts to one of the doctors for 10 days.

During their visit, two of these doctors attended the Cheyenne Corps for worship on Sunday. They had heard of the ministry of The Salvation Army in Russia, but had not participated in any worship services with them. Both doctors were Christians, one a Baptist, and the other a member of the Russian Orthodox Church.

During a time of fellowship with these doctors, Major Wes Sundin presented to Dr. Yevgeniy a set of commentaries he had used in his Master’s program. The doctor was visibly moved at such a gesture; in Russia it would have taken him many months to save enough to purchase even one volume.

Now the doctors have returned to Russia with a better understanding of The Salvation Army. The Friendship Force of our Lord Jesus continues to spread around the world.

Thanksgiving outreach minsters to thousands

Thanksgiving outreach minsters to thousands

At Thanksgiving, The Salvation Army strives to reach those left out of the

Grant helps Army serve women

Grant helps Army serve women

by Daniel de Castro –  The Salvation Army Hawaiian and Pacific Islands

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