Roswell Women Get a LIFT


ROSWELL WOMEN–A baby shower is an activity providing a time for women to share their lives and to reach out into the corps and the community

L.I.F.T. is the name given to the new group of women meeting in Roswell, New Mex.: “Ladies in Fellowship Together.”

Envoys Michael and Diana Gomes, in charge at the Roswell Corps, noted that there are more than 100 churches in the city, but few programs geared to women. After much prayer, a committee was formed of women from the corps, and the community LIFT came into being.

The first thing they realized was that, to reach working women, programs would have to be held in the evening. Programming since then has varied from a baby shower to handicrafts, to politicians explaining their platforms.

The goal of this group is to introduce women to Christ, then to grow and mature in their Christian walk while having fun and fellowship with each other.

The Home League and LIFT touch a cross section of Roswell women. Envoy Diana Gomes says that another group, “Mujer Hispana” now reaches the Latino women of the city. Coming with their children to Sunbeams and Adventure Corps, they become involved in family activities.

Through these traditional and contemporary programs, the Roswell Corps is making a difference in women’s lives.

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