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Majors Clyde and Nancy Curnow

After 26 years of faithful service, Majors Clyde and Nancy Curnow recently retired from service as Salvation Army officers.

Both Clyde and Nancy grew up in Salvation Army corps—Nancy a sixth generation Salvationist from Chicago, Illinois and Clyde a second generation Salvationist from Port Huron, Michigan.

Each moved to Royal Oak, Michigan in the mid-1950’s, where they met, married, and had their two children, Cathy and David.

After moving to Lansing, Michigan, to learn a new trade, God called the the Curnows to officership. However, they chose to move to Florida instead. They received “the call” again while in Florida—and this time moved to Denver, Colorado. Finally, Clyde and Nancy heeded God’s call and entered officers’ training in Rancho Palos Verdes, California with the Joyful Evangelists Session. They were commissioned in 1979.

After serving in corps appointments in Ogden, Utah and Sheridan, Wyoming, the couple returned to Denver to the West Adams Corps. Next they requested an Adult Rehabilitation Center appointment and were sent to train in Oakland, California. ARC appointments followed in Tucson, Arizona; Stockton, California; Phoenix, Arizona; San Jose, California; and finally, the Lytton ARC in Healdsburg, California, where they served for eight years before retirement.

The Curnows feel blessed in their ministry. They have seen hundreds of men and women find God and use the power of Jesus to change their lives.

A celebration of service was held at the Lytton ARC, with participation by Major Ralph Hood, Jr., secretary for Personnel, and Major Ron Strickland, ARCC commander.

Their retirement address is 2292 Costa Rican Drive #54, Clearwater, Florida 33763.

Majors Calvin and Glenda Prouty

After 30 years of unbroken service, Majors Calvin and Glenda Prouty recently celebrated their retirement from active officership in The Salvation Army.

Calvin and Glenda met at The Salvation Army in Alliance, Nebraska. After marrying, they entered training from the Salem, Ore. corps, joining the Soldiers of the Cross Session. Commissioned in 1975, their first appointment was as assistant corps officers at the Spokane Citadel, Wash. They went on to serve as corps officers throughout the West: Vancouver, Bellingham and Wenatchee, Wash.; Pendleton, Ore.; Great Falls, Mont.; South Anchorage, Alaska; and Whittier, Calif.. In Alaska, Calvin also served in the Adult Rehabilitation Program and Glenda at divisional headquarters as statistician and Safe from Harm coordinator. Most recently, they served as administrators of the Silvercrest Senior Citizens’ Residence in Santa Monica, Calif., and Glenda was also the Safe from Harm coordinator for the So. Calif. Division.

Major Calvin attended the International College for Officers in 1986 and Glenda attended the Brengle Institute in 1996. Calvin earned a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling from Liberty University.

Schooled in music, Glenda used this gift in her ministry. Her gentle spirit and witness have touched many people.

The Proutys have four children: Sandy, Calvin Jr., James and Cinthia.

In retirement they will reside at 1585 Aspen Street, Gering, NE 69341.

Promoted to Glory

Promoted to Glory

Promoted to Glory Lt

Mesquite honors Heide Smith

Mesquite honors Heide Smith

by Charles Desiderio –  The Salvation Army’s Mesquite, Nev

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