Reno dedicates new ARP

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New 70-bed facility continues 35 years of assistance in Nevada.

by Carole Miller – 

The Reno, Nevada, corps recently dedicated the new $2.3 million Adult Rehabilitation Program (ARP) residence at an open house ceremony that drew various federal, state, county and city dignitaries—as well as donors, friends and staff. Major Eda Hokom, Del Oro divisional commander, was the guest speaker. Harrah’s Reno provided refreshments.

Completion of the project took much longer than expected. Construction of the nearly 13,000 square foot facility kicked off in May 2004, with demolition of an old structure on the site. The new 70-bed facility was to replace a deteriorating building a couple of miles away that had housed men in the program for over 35 years. The new residence of dorms, offices, laundry, and bath facilities was completed last year. However, the kitchen and dining room were being built in the adjacent warehouse, to reduce costs. Heavy snow collapsed the warehouse roof in January 2005, postponing completion of the ARP project. Finally, in November, the residence and the warehouse were ready.

Nevada has a serious problem with substance abuse. The Nevada Substance Abuse Commission estimates the cost of that problem is over $1 billion per year, impacting areas including health, criminal justice, treatment, education, lost earnings and low productivity. As one of the most populated counties in Nevada, Washoe County shoulders a good portion of that economic burden.

The Salvation Army has one of the most successful recovery programs in the nation, with more than 160 centers. The local judicial system recognizes the value of the Army’s six-month, faith-based program. Approximately 80 percent of the program participants come from the courts and jail. Forty-something “John” was one such inmate. He grew up on the streets of Los Angeles, ran with a gang, sold drugs and had spent most of his life behind bars. John’s girlfriend convinced him to try a recovery program, even though he had his doubts that it could work for him. With God’s help, it did work—John just graduated from the Reno ARP!

The new residence was funded, in part, through grants from the Lied Foundation of Las Vegas, the State of Nevada Housing Division, E. L. Cord Foundation, Nell J. Redfield Foundation and the Northeast Reno neighborhood advisory board.

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