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Majors Erik and Angeline Sholin

Majors Erik and Angeline Sholin retired on July1, 2009. Together they have 50 years of service.

Majors Sholin served as corps officers in the Sierra del Mar, Hawaiian and Pacific Islands, Southern California, Alaska, Northwest, and Intermountain divisions. Their final appointment was as chaplains at the Adult Rehabilitation Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Erik and Angeline Sholin entered The Salvation Army training school from the Hollywood Tabernacle Corps and were commissioned as officers with the Servants of God Session in 1984. They were married in 1973 and have two children: Hilary and Carl.

Prior to officership, Erik was a teacher and divisional music director at Southern California Divisional Headquarters. Angie was a hospital lab clerk and also an administrative aide in the Planned Giving and Youth departments in the Southern California Division, as well as at Territorial Headquarters.

Erik grew up in Sacramento, Calif., and attended the Citadel Corps there. Angie grew up in the Honolulu Citadel Corps, transferring to the Kauluwela Mission Corps when the Citadel closed.

Their retirement ceremony was held during the Holiness Meeting at the Kauluwela Corps. Divisional Commander Major Victor Doughty, Intermountain Division, conducted it. Flag bearers were ARC Commander Major Man-Hee Chang , and Divisional Commander Major Edward Hill, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division. Major Joan Doughty offered a rededication prayer.

In retirement they will live in Billings, Mont.

Recently retired

Recently retired

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