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Major Charleen Bradley

Major Charleen Bradley entered retirement on Sept. 17, 2011, after 34 years of active duty as a Salvation Army officer. Major Ralph Hood presided at a chapel service at the College for Officer Training, and Commissioners Kurt and Alicia Burger conducted the service of retirement.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Calif., Charleen Lansing and her family were soldiers for many years at the San Francisco Citadel Corps. She received her BS degree in nursing from San Francisco State University in 1967, and an MA degree in Christian Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminar in 2002.

Charleen Lansing married Jim Bradley in 1969. They entered the Training College as part of the Companions of Christ—the first session to complete two years of training at Crestmont—and were commissioned in 1977.

After eight years of corps appointments, they spent another eight years as staff at the College for Officer Training at Crestmont, followed by a divisional appointment in the Southwest Division and then three years as youth leaders for the Western Territory.

Following Major Jim Bradley’s promotion to Glory in 1996, Charleen Bradley returned to the College for Officer Training where she served for 11 years, helping to mold and form men and women to be officers and servants of God. She retired from active officership as assistant secretary for personnel for officer development at territorial headquarters.

Bradley has two sons: Eric and his wife, Adriana, along with grandchildren Grace, Samuel, Benjamin, Joshua and Harmony, live in Murrieta, Calif. Ethan and his wife, Vivian, along with grandson Ezekiel, live in San Pedro, Calif.

Bradley’s retirement home will be in Glendale, Ariz. She gives praise to God for a wonderful journey of faith and his presence along the way.


(See Colonel Dave Hudson’s column for more on Major Bradley.)


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Promoted to glory

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