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International Youth Forum Convenes in Cape Town


23 Western Delegates Depart for South Africa

By Robert Docter –

JAN 2, 1997 – SAN FRANCISCO Twenty-three Western young men and women between ages 18 and 30 left today to participate as delegates in the International Youth Forum held in Cape Town, South Africa. The event, called under the direction of General Paul Rader, is designed to provide an “opportunity for Salvationist youth from around the world to exchange views and communicate their expectations and priorities for the Army of the future.”

Modeled after the American National Forums, the youth will engage in seminars and workshops over a six-day period and develop a series of recommendations for consideration by the Army’s international leaders. The 11 workshops will examine a wide range of topics and cover many issues around which there are widely held divergent opinions within the Army today.

Rader will be in attendance during the Forum along with Mrs. General Kay F. Rader. Both will make presentations. Also playing a role as faculty leader is International Secretary for Resources, Commissioner Arthur Thompson. Commissioner Karen Thompson will act as communications facilitator and lead the communications team. New Frontier production specialist and features editor, John Docter, has been assigned duties as the Forum journalist.

Captain Nancy Davis, Northwest divisional youth secretary, leads the Western delegates and will act as an observer during the forum. Majors Chick and Margaret Yuill, Pasadena Tabernacle corps officers, have been assigned responsibilities as faculty members and Bill Nunes, creative ministries director, Southwest Division, will serve as a worship leader.

Ten of the delegates will take an additional week and will undertake mission assignments in Army corps within the Johannesburg area.

The delegates are: Regina Shull, San Diego, Calif.; Susan Horton, Springfield Ore.; John Desplancke, Sacramento, Calif.; Melissa Seid, San Francisco, Calif.; Joy Balauro, Hanapepe, Hawaii; Christopher Hoogstad, Spokane Wash.; Matthew Madsen, El Cajon, Calif.; Rachel Utrera, Tuscon, Ariz.; Freddy Ludiazo, Kaneohe, Hawaii; Cory Peacock, El Cajon, Calif.; Ben Logston, Phoenix, Ariz.; Kenneth Lyons, Seattle, Wash.; Aimee Gaines, Torrance, Calif.; Cari Hogan, Portland, Ore.; Jennifer Ragan, Denver, Colo.; Shane Halverson, Monterey Calif.; Cadet John Stennett, CFOT; Cadet Beth Berko, CFOT; Cadet Mark Thielenhaus, CFOT; Lani Nunes-Aguilar, Phoenix, Ariz.; Jeannette Aguilar, Phoenix Ariz.; Roy Aguilar, Phoenix, Ariz.; and Jennifer Hood, Seattle, Wash.

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