“Pursue the inner you”

Golden State women explore personality secrets.

by Evelyn Chavez – 

Left to right: Esmeralda Garcia Guardado, Major Evelyn Chavez and Irene Chavez.

Nearly 300 women from the Golden State Division recently gathered at Camp Redwood Glen to participate in a weekend with the theme “Pursue the inner you…personality plus!” Colonel Dianne Hogan, territorial president of women’s ministries for Mexico, was the featured speaker. The delegates were challenged to pursue “the same attitude as that of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5).

Those in attendance enjoyed Bible studies and crafts as well as various late night activities, including an old fashioned camp fire, movies, and games. There was also a room set up to “adopt a craft” as an exchange, where they were free to leave unfinished crafts and at the same time “adopt” an unfinished craft left by someone else.

There were opportunities to give financial support to various projects. The delegates raised over $3,000 to support World Services, along with contributing funds to support a similar ministry event for the women of Mexico. In addition, the San Francisco ARC sold purses and raised $1,500 for the ministry of the ARC.

Hogan shared messages about several women in Scripture and their significant roles in biblical history. She emphasized the many ways that God used women to share his message. She reminded the delegates that God still uses women today—ordinary, everyday women—as his vessels to share the Word and his love with others. As the Holy Spirit worked through the messages, over 100 attendees made decisions to accept the Lord as Savior or to rededicate their lives to Christ.

As the weekend came to an end, all knew that the Lord had blessed the gathering abundantly, and that he had answered the prayer in the theme chorus by Jordan Crossing:

O that you would bless me indeed,
and enlarge the border that surrounds me.
May your hand be with me, from
harm would you keep me.
O that you would bless,
O that you would bless,
O that you would bless me indeed.

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