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Brigadier Jean Milton Rand was recently promoted to Glory after suffering a heart attack.

He was born in 1912 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, and was commissioned in May 1933 from the International Training College in London. Three years later, after his marriage to Captain Lily Boniface, they sailed to India, beginning a total of over 27 years of service in that land.

Their duties in the Indian sub-continent took them to primitive places as well as to the big cities; among lepers and criminal tribes, to welfare work with allied troops during World War II and direction of a youth and children’s program throughout northern and eastern India.

For nine years, because of Mrs. Rand’s health, they worked at International Headquarters in a number of administrative assignments. A period as International Youth Secretary was followed by assignment as Under Secretary for the Far East. They then left London to become second-in-command of the Army’s work in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

He also, after returning to London, worked as editor/publisher of one of the Army’s domestic magazines.

Before retirement in 1978 he served as auditor for the Indian sub-continent. They then moved to the West to be associated with the Northern California/ Nevada DHQ, giving oversight to 70 service extension units. They were instrumental in the opening of the work in San Rafael. Mrs. Rand was promoted to Glory in 1988.

A memorial service was held at Edmonton Citadel, Alberta. There was a service at the South San Francisco Corps, and the Committal was at Cypress Memorial Park, Colma, Calif. Captain Joe Posillico spoke at both services.

Expressions of sympathy maybe sent to his daughter at the following address: Evangeline Rand; Suite 111, The Summit at Riverdale; 10105 – 95th St., Edmonton, Alberta T5H 4M4, Canada.

In lieu of flowers, Brigadier had asked that donations be sent to World Services at Golden State Division, Lt. Col. Richard Love; P.O. Box 193465, San Francisco CA 94107.

Soldier Promoted to Glory

Elise Smalley, a soldier at the Sacramento Citadel Corps, died August 17, 2000 at her home. Her husband Sam predeceased her in January 1998. She became a soldier in 1922 at the old Boston “Palace” Corps. She moved to California in 1964 and soldiered at Hollywood Tabernacle, Inglewood, Long Beach and the Torrance Corps.

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Criticisms, comments and letters

Criticisms, comments and letters

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