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Commissioner Orval Taylor,  94, was promoted to Glory June 8 from Phoenix, Ariz.

Taylor was born May 21, 1919. He entered the College for Officer Training at age 20, was commissioned in 1940 with the Hold Fast Session and appointed to a corps community center in his hometown of Seattle.

In 1943, Taylor married Captain Muriel Upton in a ceremony conducted by Orval’s father, Lt. Colonel Chester Taylor, at the Seattle Citadel Corps. The Taylors served in a number of corps and divisional appointments in the Western Territory, including divisional commander for the Southwest and Southern California divisions.  In those early years of corps and divisional work he was known as a supporter of programs for both Salvation Army and community youth and developed lifelong friendships with his fellow officers and soldiers of the Western Territory.

Taylor was promoted to the USA Eastern Territory in 1971 where he became the Commander of the Greater New York Unified Command. In 1974 he was appointed chief secretary for the USA Southern Territory and in 1978 became national chief secretary expanding his vision and support to all territories in the United States.

He then served as territorial commander in the Caribbean Territory, continuing his international service as international secretary for planning and development at International Headquarters with promotion to the rank of commissioner. In 1983 he was appointed territorial commander in the USA Eastern Territory. Taylor served on two High Councils as a territorial commander and continued his involvement and support for the global reach of the Army during those years.

In addition to his regular appointments, Taylor was constantly engaged in Salvation army social welfare work, including territorial and national committees on children and youth. Taylor was known for his vision, inclusiveness, determination, and belief in the mission of The Salvation Army. He supported and promoted local leadership and continually raised funds to expand Army social welfare and worship programs in every community he served.

The Taylors retired in June 1986 to Clearwater, Fla., where they continued as active members of the corps and their community. Taylor returned to his earlier life role as a bandsman and soldier. Commissioner Muriel Taylor was promoted to Glory Sept. 14, 2010 from Clearwater and Orval moved to Phoenix that same year to be near his family.

Taylor is survived by his son Michael and daughter Kathleen Parker.

A celebration of life service will be held at the Phoenix Citadel Corps on June 23 with Colonel George Church presiding. A private interment will be conducted in St Petersburg, Fla.


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