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Retired territorial and national leader promoted to Glory

Commissioner Ernest Holz

Commissioner Ernest W. Holz , a fourth-generation Salvationist from a distinguished Army family and former Western Territory chief secretary, was promoted to Glory on July 4, 2001 in Deland, FL. He was born in Pittston, PA, on November 2, 1916 to Brigadier Ernest R. and Keitha Holz.

The Commissioner’s heavenly summons concludes a distinguished life of service and commitment which enriched the lives of countless people who were touched throughout the United States, Mexico and Guatemala.

He and his late wife, Mina, were first appointed to a small corps in Oklahoma following their officers’ training in Atlanta, GA, on January 14, 1940.

From that point on he was appointed to administrative responsibilities, completing 27 years of service in divisional appointments.

In 1968, he was assigned to the Southern Territorial Headquarters as the personnel secretary, followed by his appointment in 1970 as the chief secretary in the Western Territory.

Three years later came the assignment at national headquarters in New York to serve as the national chief secretary, and in 1974 as the territorial commander of the Southern Territory. The Commissioner’s final appointment came in 1979 when he was named national commander of The Salvation Army until his retirement in 1981.

Music also played a prominent part in the Commissioner’s life. He served as bandmaster for nine corps and divisional bands, as well as offering leadership in music camps. For 22 years, he was the solo euphonium player in the Southern Territorial Staff Band.

He was preceded to Glory by his wife in 2000.

He is survived by daughters Lt. Colonel Mary Jones and Christine Goodier and sons: Ernest R. Holz and William Holz, brothers Wilson Holz, Lt. Colonel David Holz , Edwy Holz, and sisters Keitha Young, Nancy Holz, and Edie Charnock.

Colonel Keitha Needham, Western territorial secretary, women’s organizations, is his niece.

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