Promoted to Glory

MRS. BRIGADIER EDYTHE M. BAGGS (R) was promoted to Glory from Neptune, N.J. She was born in 1907 and was commissioned with the Centennial Session from the New York Training College. Edythe married Captain George Baggs in 1930 and served in various corps and headquarters appointments throughout the Eastern Territory. While he served as a chaplain overseas, she was assigned to National Headquarters with Women’s Work in the War.

Brigadier and Mrs. Baggs were transferred to the Western Territory in 1963 as managers of the San Francisco Evangeline Residence, returning to the East in 1968 upon their retirement. Five years after his promotion to Glory in 1977 she moved to Asbury Park Retirement Community Residence, where she was active as Program Chairman until her health and eyesight began to fail.

She is survived by her son, Albert Baggs, in Buffalo, N.Y. and her daughter, Beverly Baggs, in San Francisco; three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Cards may be sent to the family c/o Albert Baggs, 110 Highland Ave., Buffalo NY 14222-1841.


BRIGADIER JOHN VAN GOULD (R) was promoted to Glory from his home in Sylmar, Calif. Born in 1906 in Texas, he grew up in Florida and moved to Akron, Ohio, to become an auditor for a large company. Led to the Army through an open air meeting, he became a soldier in Akron, and was commissioned with the World for God Session in 1936. In 1939 he married Capt. Annie Mae Carroll and his financial skills led him to corps, divisional and territorial appointments in the finance department. In 1963 they transferred to the Men’s Social Service Depart-ment, where he directed three centers until retirement in 1973.

They then settled in California, where he served until his late 80s as bookkeeper at the Canoga Park ARC and as missionary sergeant and corps council member at the San Fernando Valley Corps.

A funeral service was conducted by Lt. Col. Herbert Wiseman (R). The committal service was at Eternal Valley Memorial Park. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, son-in-law and daughter, Carl and Joanne Pellegrino, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Messages may be sent to Mrs. Brig. Van Gould at 12951 Gladstone Ave., Sylmar CA 92342-4522.

Osborne installed as SAROA president

Osborne installed as SAROA president


Watsons earn (R)

Watsons earn (R)

Majors Art and Jean Watson have entered honored retirement after 25 years of

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