‘Soldier of Christ – Well Done!’
Crest for Promoted to Glory

Brigadier John C. Beringer (R) was promoted to Glory from the Baywood Care Center in Pleasant Hills, Calif.

Born on a farm in Blabon, North Dak., in 1905, he left home as a teenager and worked on a horse ranch in Montana. He met the Army in Great Falls, became an active Salvationist, and before long heard the call of officership.

Beringer was commissioned in 1925 as part of the Blood and Fire Session. After appointments in Idaho and Montana he was assigned to the Training College staff. There he met Audrey Depperman, a cadet from Portland, Ore. Married in 1928, they had two children, Ruth Ann and John David. Ruth Ann was promoted to Glory in 1944 at the age of ten.

John and Audrey served together in five Western states in corps appointments. During the years of World War II they operated a Red Shield Servicemen’s Club and a dormitory for the wives and babies of servicemen.

Learning Indian lore at the Mountain Crags Camp in Southern California sparked an interest that became a lifelong hobby, the collection of Indian history and artifacts.

After retirement in 1970 they made their home in Citrus Heights, Calif., and were active soldiers of the Sacramento and North Sacramento Corps for 26 years.

A memorial service was held at the Concord Corps, with Major Charles Strickland officiating and participation by Brigadier Robert Yardley (R) and Major Elmer Yardley (R). Interment was private.

He is survived by his wife, his son John, five grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Messages of sympathy may be sent to Mrs. Brigadier Audrey Beringer in care of her son, John, at 22 Kilgo Ct., Pleasant Hill CA 94523.

A/Captain Bill McFarland (R) was recently promoted to Glory from a hospital in Houston, Tex., following a lengthy illness.

Bill was born in 1934 at Fort Smith, Ark., to Salvationist parents. After receiving the call to service, he became a part of the Heralds Session of 1953. During his appointments in the South, he was responsible for setting the ground work and opening two corps: Pine Bluff and Fayetteville, Ark.

In 1971, Bill married Karen Coleman, and together they served as supply officers in Plainview, Dallas, and San Antonio. In 1978 they moved to the Western Territory, taking leadership at Stockton, Calif.

As A/Captains they served in Bakersfield, Napa and Modesto, Calif. Because of severe hearing problems and a series of strokes, Bill and Karen entered early retirement in 1989 from Apache Junction, Ariz.

One of his greatest joys in life was playing his beloved trombone, especially “The Holy City” on Easter morning.

McFarland is survived by his loving wife, three children, A/Captain Deborah Hudson of Lake Worth, Fla.; Captain Paul McFarland, DYS, Arkansas/Okla-homa Division; and Randal of Houston; one sister, one brother, and six grandchildren.

The memorial service was held in Houston with Major Rolan Chambless, a session mate, leading the service.

Messages of sympathy may be sent to A/Captain Karen McFarland at 3114 Farmington, Houston TX 77080-3610.


Soldier Promoted to Glory

Gladys John, mother of Major Chet Danielson (R), and grandmother of Captain Doug Danielson and Captain Doreen Thieme, was recently promoted to Glory from a nursing home in Fresno, Calif. Gladys was a longtime soldier of the Long Beach Corps.

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