Pasco Temple on a Growth Spurt

Twenty-Seven Enrolled in Corps with A Vision

GROWING!–Lts. Lex and Patricia Giron join 27 senior and junior soldiers and adherents who were enrolled recently.


The Hispanic congregation at Pasco Temple, Wash., has a vision to grow spiritually and in number, say Lieutenants Lex and Patricia Giron.

The Girons recently enrolled 17 Junior soldiers, five Senior soldiers and six adherents:

Junior soldiers

Jose Vasquez Jr.; Jairo Gonzalez; Carlos Vences; Isai Cantor; Sandee Bahena; Magali Uriostegui; Elida Valenzuela; Liliana Gonzalez; Magdalena Cardenas; Tomas Gonzalez Jr.; Samuel Gonzalez; Christian Alvarez; Ariel Gonzalez; Cynthia Camacho; Crystal Sanchez; Norma Cervantes; Maria Cardenas

Senior soldiers

Jose Castillo; Fidel Alvarez; Leticia Alvarez; Rosalinda Gonzales; Abelardo Gonzalez.


Abraham Santiago; Moises Sanchez; Antonio Pinto; Eduardo Curiel; Juliana Curiel.


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Single Parents Gather at Kirkland

by Lt

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