Pas Tab Youth Chorus releases “In the Sanctuary”

The Pasadena Tabernacle Youth Chorus launched its much-anticipated debut recording In the Sanctuary this weekend. This group of 45 members, ages 13–30, is relatively ‘young’ as far as music groups go.

Started in 2001 by its leaders, Steve and Barbara Allen, this dynamic group of young people has inspired and uplifted audiences of all ages in its four and a half year history.

With a unique and captivating energy, the Youth Chorus entered the recording studios of Citrus College, Glendora, on April 1, and stayed there for most of the weekend! The result? In The Sanctuary, a blend of gospel/pop designed to be used as a tool for bringing each listener into the joy of knowing the Lord. As Marjorie Reed states: “Our Youth Chorus has a mission to reach the person out there who is searching for the truth and love that only God can bring.”

With Barbara Allen as director and Steve as pianist and producer, all the accompanying musicians are members of the Tab family, making this truly a recording from the heart of the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps.

Captain Edward Hill says in his foreword to the CD, “Our united prayer is that God will use In The Sanctuary to reach every generation with the gospel truth of God’s love found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Enjoy the contemporary music of the CD and experience the refreshing enthusiasm and passion of the Youth Chorus. Most of all, rejoice in the refuge, security and power that God gives to those who choose daily to enter into his sanctuary.”

The recording is available for $15 at Resource Connection (800)937-8896 and by contacting:

Denis Mafuta: “If we live, it is thanks to God”

Denis Mafuta: “If we live, it is thanks to God”

by Lisa Van Cleef, Captain –  In the time it took to cross the Atlantic

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Promoted to Glory

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