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by Ted Horwood, Captain – 

The Salvation Army is vitally involved in the ministry of global missions. In this new section of New Frontier, we will provide information that describes the Army’s contribution to global missions in the Body of Christ and supply helpful facts for prayer and service.

There are about 46,000 U.S. missionaries around the world from 2,900 sending organizations; the Western Territory has 18 officers and lay personnel in developing countries. One country is Estonia; here, Majors Wes and Ruth Sundin report, an outpost has been planted as a result of contacts made during the remodeling of the homeless shelter by Western Territory volunteers. This provides more opportunities for service.

THQ has just received an updated list of “International Personnel Service Opportunities,” listing more than 66 positions in over 40 countries. These are listed on the territorial Lotus Notes bulletin board (ask your corps officer for assistance).

The West partners with eight other grant-aided territories around the world through the Army’s Partners in Mission plan.

Congo Kinshasa (DRC)—formerly known as Zaire—and a partner of the Southwest Division, is a battle-torn country of over 51 million people. The Army is caught in the turmoil. With 411 corps and outposts, and nearly as many soldiers as the Western Territory, 17,486 are struggling to remain confident and joyful. A recent letter from one officer reports that officers and soldiers “battle against Satan to bring souls to the Lord, and struggle to survive.” Looting by the military and police have exacerbated a situation of lawlessness leading to extreme poverty, homelessness and unemployment.

Winter is rapidly approaching in Bangladesh where hundreds of deaths are being reported. Sweaters and other woolen items are manufactured in our own workshop, known as “Sally Ann.” Five thousand sweaters, blankets and other items of warm clothing are heading for Dinajpur District in the north-west of the country.

Two-thirds of the world’s population—more than 3.2 billion people—live in the ”10/40 window” (10 degrees to 40 degrees north of the equator). Ninety-five percent of the people living there are unevangelized, meaning they have never, not even once, heard the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Lt. Col. Jan Mowery, Major Bill Raihl and Capt. Adam Morales just returned from laying a foundation for continued ministry in Iraq, in the heart of the “dark window.” Today, the Army is refurbishing the Al Qadasia School. Two hundred school desks have all been stripped and the frames painted.

Another task undertaken by the team was the supply of new uniforms for workers at a local hospital. A visit to the printers revealed that the new uniforms for the hospital staff are almost ready. The small Salvation Army logo has been silkscreen printed on the front of all the uniforms and a larger hospital name badge printed on the back of each uniform. All the time, new projects are coming up and organizations are approaching The Salvation Army to seek help and advice.

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