Opening doors for kids in the Marshall Islands

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2003 Territorial Women’s ministries project


YOUTH IN THE Marshall Islands will be able to attend school with help from the Territorial Women’s Ministries Project for 2003.

Do you remember the excitement of going back to school after summer vacation? You may have returned with a new box of crayons, pencils, and a new writing tablet. You had a new teacher and the opportunity to meet new friends.

Yet, there are children right here in our own territory who are denied the privilege of going to school. Many children of the Marshall Islands are not able to attend school because their families cannot afford the nominal $40 fee.

There is a solution. The Salvation Army has established a scholarship program so that children can attend school. This program, designed to provide scholarships, requests a $5 commitment by the family. For $35 we can make the difference in one child’s life. Just think of what we can do as a territory when we raise money to send children to school and raise enough for an endowment to continue to make a difference long into the future.

The Western Territory has a wonderful tradition of raising money through Women’s Ministries for the territorial projects. Last year we raised $24,158 to help the women of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile learn to support themselves.

To help the children of the Marshall Islands have a chance at a successful future, we have to make a difference in the present. God will supply you with resources to share and the desire to pray. Will you join us in making a difference?

Donations can be made directly to the Territorial Finance Department, noting on your check “Marshall Islands WM Project” or send your donation to your Divisional Headquarters Women’s Ministries Department and it will be forwarded to THQ.

If you would like a CD-Rom of the PowerPoint presentation, “Western Territory Women’s Ministries Project 2003,” call 562-491-8389 or email: to order. Supplies are limited; cost is $2.50 per CD.

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