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Frequency 365.2

Territorial Youth department calls for devotional video clips.


Throughout Salvation Army history the open air meeting has been the place where everyday people could share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the masses and testify to what God was doing in their lives. The street was the place to get your message out. Today a new “street corner” is at our disposal—it’s called the World Wide Web.

To capitalize on this opportunity for evangelism and edification in the public forum, the territorial youth department is seeking to create 365 one- to two-minute video clips of officers and young adults from around our territory sharing a Scripture and relevant devotional thought.

We are calling it Frequency 365.2. The ultimate goal is to post a different devotional video clip on the Youth department website ( each day for viewing and/or downloading onto an MP3 player.

This is a fun and creative ministry opportunity for anyone interested, and the Youth department is asking for your help in creating these video devotionals.

Anyone who has a biblically-based devotional thought or testimony to share, as well as a buddy who can work a camcorder, could put together one of these. Possible content could be a person’s favorite Scripture verse and why, or a simple Bible-based devotional thought or insight. Someone could even develop a five-day series on a passage of Scripture, but each one- to two- minute devotional must still stand alone. The submissions should be challenging, convicting, or encouraging, but all must be interesting. They can include one person sharing or a couple of people tag-teaming or even doing an interview format. Submissions are encouraged to be creative, but keep in mind all must be theologically compatible with Salvation Army doctrine and practices, and must not exceed two minutes in length.

Those interested can begin today. Use any video camcorder. The file will be shrunk down to play in the small “now playing” video box on, thus high quality recordings are not essential.

For more details on format and structure, please contact Captain Kyle Smith at Territorial Headquarters or email

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