‘One Day’

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By James Knaggs, Commissioner


In the recently re-published book, One Day, I wrote about my prayer for spiritual life development in The Salvation Army in these terms:


“I have a dream that one day The Salvation Army will, in its entirety, be what God wants it to be. …

“That every soldier, young and old, would be sanctified through and through…and out of the passion of their love in Christ, would be an undeniable force for God’s love in the world. …

“That this love would be seen between each soldier to demonstrate that God has sent his son into the world not to condemn it, but that the world, through him, might be saved…and by this would all people know that we are his followers and represent him. …

“That our love would be seen through intentional and overt acts of mercy and justice, all the while in humility before God, not needing to publish our works, only doing them to glorify God.”


This, and more of my prayer for our territory contained in that book, begins to describe how we will be and be known when we are fully engaged in spiritual life development. This is for every one of us from all ages and includes all officers, soldiers, adherents, employees and volunteers.

Let us desire the holiness of God in our own development and draw the world to its saving grace as a result. Hallelujah!


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