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It’s May again, and that means moves are just around the corner. All around the Army world officers are anticipating the possibility they might soon be saluting and moving, heading off to new corps, new towns, new challenges…leaving the security of the familiar for the uncertainty of the unknown.

And many others will be moving as well. In fact, most of us at territorial headquarters are in the process of packing up as we prepare for our move early this summer to a new location in Long Beach. After being at Crestmont for the past 26 years, the logistics and process of moving THQ are almost overwhelming.

While cleaning out my desk at New Frontier in preparation the other day, I thought about other moves I’ve made. I figure there have been more than a dozen, sometimes just across town, twice clear across the country. I remember packing up the house, cleaning out the garage, sifting and sorting through the accumulation of days and weeks of living, trying to figure out if I really needed to keep that old lamp, and if the kids really would play with those toys any longer, and if that dress ever would fit me again.

What to keep and what to throw out?

I thought some more about moving while sifting through my pencils, rummaging through paper clips and loose change, and sorting through old notes from articles. I thought about things I definitely need to keep–not just pens and pencils–but optimism, a positive outlook, a sense of adventure (and a sense of humor!), and an attitude of thankfulness for my new surroundings.

And what to toss? For starters, any negative feelings. So what if my commute is longer? I can pray more, think more, plan my work day. I can choose to look at the uncertainties as positives, as opportunities to grow in grace and move out of my comfort level. I can embrace the change and look forward to cultivating flexibility–not always my strong suit, as my kids and husband could tell you. I look forward to finding God in unexpected places in New Frontier’s new offices on the fourth floor.

And I definitely can take to heart God’s promise to Joshua. Do you remember what he told him? “I will give you every place where you set your foot…be strong and courageous…for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1: 3, 9)

I suspect that includes Long Beach…and your part of the world, as well!

–Sue Schumann Warner

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