Ogden sponsors 5k run/walk

Utah corps holds race to raise money for summer camp.

Runners gather at the starting line. [Photo by Wesley Sundin]

May 8, 2010, marked a milestone event for the Ogden, Utah, corps, as they sponsored the first ever 5k run/walk to generate funds to sponsor summer camp applicants. The Ogden youth group sponsored the occasion; facilitating it was Cindy Florence, youth director and race organizer. It took place on the property of the Ogden Standard-Examiner.

Majors Wesley and Ruth Sundin are the corps officers.

Thirty-five people participated in the race and everyone completed it. Major Ruth Sundin was one of the runners and although she didn’t place first overall, she did come in first in her age category.

The fundraiser brought in approximately $2,660—not bad for the first 5k ever held by the Ogden Corps. Utilizing the knowledge they gained from this initial experience, another race is already in the works for spring 2011.

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