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The following appointments were recently announced.

Territorial Headquarters (THQ): Major Barry Dooley, currently Property Secretary, is appointed Associate Auditor (Pro-Tem), Audit Department, effective June 29. Major Dooley’s actual appointment as International Auditor in the International Audit Section of the Business Administration Department, International Headquarters, is to be effective September 1.

Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command (ARCC): Captains Grady and Julie Brown—Administrator and Director of Special Services, respectively, Sacramento ARC, effective June 5; Captains Mark and Noelle Nelson—Administrator and Director of Special Services, respectively, Bakersfield ARC, effective July 13; Majors Stephen and Judith Owen—Administrator and Director of Special Services, respectively, Carpinteria ARC, effective July 13.

Golden State Division: Major Lanny and Noreen French—Management Trainees, Turlock Silvercrest Senior Citizens’ Residence, effective June 29.

Northwest Division: Captains Matthew and Dianne Madsen—Corps Officers, Puyallup (Valley) Corps, effective June 29.

Sierra Del Mar Division: Captains Saul and Jessica Doria—Corps Officers, Cathedral City Corps, effective June 29; Captains Jerry and Vicky Esqueda—Corps Officers, El Centro Corps, effective June 29; Captains Mark and Monica King—Corps Officers, Corona Corps, effective June 29.

Southern California Division: Captains Robert and Jill Steiner—Corps Officers, Santa Barbara Corps, effective July 13; Captains Bob and Joanne Louangamath—Corps Officers, Santa Maria Corps, effective June 29.

Southwest Division: Majors Donald and Joyce Takeuchi—Corps Officers, Albuquerque Corps, effective July 13; Mr. Gerald Gattis and Mrs. Peggy Gattis—In-Charge and Program Assistant, respectively, Santa Fe Corps, effective July 13.

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