New York Staff Band wows Seattle

Expert musicians joyously share their faith.

In a fitting climax to their Cascade and Northwest Divisions visit, the New York Staff Band (NYSB) joyously shared their faith through testimony and music during a concert at the Seattle White Center Corps.

After a rousing “All Glorious” introduction, Bandmaster Carl Darby, Northwest divisional music and adult Christian education director, extended greetings to the band and its recently appointed executive officer, Major Richard Munn, as the event began.

William Gordon, who resides in the Northwest Division, enjoyed his composition “The Great Revival,” and Bandmaster Waiksnoris subsequently and graciously offered the baton to him. Synonymous with the NYSB, Thomas Mack skillfully led finely tuned choral renditions of “Peace Like A River” and “Ride the Chariot,” as Munn expanded upon a tranquil peaceful theme.

The appreciative audience thoroughly enjoyed Kenneth Downie’s “Music for a Joyful Occasion”; the excellent command of Brian Bowen’s “My Comfort and Strength”; and a Burt Mason/Dorothy Gates, Stephen Bulla trombone duet. Gordon Ward shared “Crossroad” as well as a cornet trio with Chris Ward and Jeff Barrington.

“What a delight to hear Aaron VanderWeele’s technically faultless rendition of Norman Audoire’s euphonium solo, ‘We’ll All Shout Hallelujah,’” said Darby. “Upon his first ‘home’ Western Territory NYSB appearance, such a beautiful tone and command of the instrument was reminiscent of mentor Chris Mallett, who would have been proud of such a fine prodigy.”

The evening concluded with a magnificent rendition of “Glorifico Aeternum” (Dean Jones) with bravado, testimony, and fusion as the band exceeded high expectations—a great tribute of fine witness by expert musicians sharing their faith. A fitting vocal benediction, “Rock of Ages,” embraced the message gratefully received, with a request for the staff band to return ‘Northwestwards’ soon!

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