New soldier enrollment in Whittier, Calif.

(L-r) Marianna Kleeman, Shone’na Tate, Anthony Delgado, Maudie Sanchez. Flagbearers are Lt. Robert Davidson and Major Judy Tanovan. Majors Charles and Linda Gillies are the Whittier corps officers. [Photo by Esperanza Wheeler]

The Whittier Corps celebrated Easter by welcoming four new senior soldiers as Major Charles Gillies enrolled Maudie Sanchez, Shone’na Tate, Marianna Kleemann and Anthony Delgado. Marianna came to the Army through the Brazilian congregation, Anthony and Shone’na came through the Santa Fe Springs ministry, and Maudie through the Whittier Corps Home League. Each new soldier is actively involved in the life of the corps and in outreach ministries.

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