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Is The Salvation Army as effective in its mission today as it was 100 years ago? Is the Army becoming more of a religious country club than a world-changing force? As soldiers in God’s Army, are we committed to maintaining our comfort levels and keeping the status quo, or are we committed to winning souls by any and every effective means?

These are some of the issues addressed by Major Terry Camsey in his new book, Slightly Off Center!, published by Crest Books.

In his foreward, General Paul A. Rader (R) states, “In this series of cleverly conceived and pithily powerful essays, Camsey sets a burr under the saddle of complacency and stirs us to thought and action. And that is what is needed most–a willingness to risk and pay the price of honesty and action.”

Camsey aims to thaw frozen, brittle paradigms of what is “Army” by challenging us to see things from a different perspective, thus throwing our current perspectives “slightly off center.” Camsey urges us to welcome a new generation of Salvationists whose methods may be different than those of the Army of the past, but whose hearts are wholly God’s and whose mission remains consistent with the fundamental principles Founder William Booth established.

This book is not for the timid, nor is it for those who desire more of the same. Be prepared to have your paradigms challenged, your vision enlarged, and to be richly blessed by the experience! Slightly Off Center! is ideal for stimulating discussion in corps councils or other group settings.

Major Terry Camsey is Western territorial corps growth and vision secretary. His column, “Body Builder,” is a regular in New Frontier.

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