New Appointments

Summer Moves Announced for Western Officers

Colonel Bill D. Luttrell, secretary for personnel, has announced the following moves, effective August 28 unless otherwise noted:

Golden State Division: Major Raymond Cross–Service Extension Development Officer, Major Elaine Cross–Program Director Silvercrest Residence, Santa Cruz, Calif.; Captains Pedro and Maria Yepez–Assoc. Corps Officers, Monterey Peninsula, Calif., (with resp. for Hispanic Outpost); Captains Carlos and Carol Hernandez–Assoc. Corps Officers, Hollister, Calif., (with resp. for Los Banos Outpost).

Intermountain Division: Captains Jack and Ann Allemang–Corps Officers and Salt Lake Basin Coordinator, Salt Lake City, Utah (effective 9/11/96); Lieuts. S. Edward and Deborah Horwood–Special Assignment, DHQ (awaiting overseas appt.) effective 8/2/96.

Northwest Division: Majors James and Judy Goodwin–Corps Officers, Bellingham, Wash.; A/Captains Alan and Donna Hooft–Corps Officers, Kalispell, Mont.; Lieuts. Jorge and Christine Torres–Added Responsibility: Corps Officers, Yakima Temple, Wash.

Southwest Division: Lieuts. Robert and Monica Covert–Assts. to Administrator, SARC (with resp. for Herberger Corps); Lieuts. Roger and Leslie Everett–Corps Officers, Apache Junction, Ariz.

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