Nevada National Guard takes SA flag to Middle East

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The Salvation Army–the Reno, Nevada, Corps in particular–in a small way will be involved in the military deployment to the Middle East, as the United States prepares for possible war against Iraq.

For the past four years, the Nevada National Guard has kicked off Reno’s Operation Turkey Drop by delivering frozen birds to the corps–by helicopter! Usually the guard arrives in a Blackhawk medical helicopter. The aircraft hovers over the corps parking lot and lowers a guardsman and a basket of frozen turkeys to the ground crew.

The flight crew that participated in December’s event is part of a medical unit (Detachment 1, 126th Avaition Air Ambulance Company) that was deployed on January 27, 2003. They specialize in air medical evacuations, with medics on board to perform basic and advanced life support.

One of the National Guard officers, Captain Rich Ferguson, asked for and received a Salvation Army flag to take on their mission. The crew plans to take photos of themselves and our flag “in-country” as they put it.

The Adjutant General for Nevada Major General Giles Vanderhoof said, “The Nevada National Guard is pleased to be able to assist The Salvation Army every year with the Turkey Drop.

“While we perform a number of community service activities each year, this is one of our favorites. It’s an excellent hands-on approach to thanking those who support us all year long. We hope to continue our relationship with The Salvation Army for years to come.”

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