“Net surfin’ nana” lives life to fullest


GENERAL EVA BURROWS (R) greets “Net Surfin’ Nana” Vera Illingsworth recently in Portland, OR.

‘On a recent visit to Portland, OR, General Eva Burrows (R) met 94-year-old “Net Surfin Nana” Vera Illingworth, a resident of The Salvation Army Silvercrest residence in Portland. Vera was proud to tell Burrows, “I was one of the first residents in the Silvercrest, and I just love it here!” Since her 80s, Vera has lived at Silvercrest, experiencing life to the fullest.

Rain or shine, Vera is on the go. Three years ago she became a soldier of the Portland Tabernacle Corps, and faithfully attends meetings in full uniform unless she is traveling the country visiting her family, including her great great grandchildren. During the week she keeps busy with Home League, volunteer work, crafts, exercise classes, and “Cyber Seniors,” her computer class. She purchased her first computer at 92, and was soon navigating the worldwide web and sending and receiving e-mail.

Vera also attends the Silvercrest Bible study and hosts Monday night prayer meetings. She acts as an evangelist by involving new people in these activities, including her granddaughter who comes with her to the corps.

Recently Vera tutored a Russian woman, also a Silvercrest resident, and helped her gain citizenship. A compassionate woman, Vera has helped other residents through life crises. One in particular was a neighbor who was dying–Vera sat by her bed, encouraging her in the faith, and praying with her.

Living, giving, and caring are what Vera Illingworth, the “Net Surfin Nanna,” is all about. With her contagious enthusiasm for life, Vera leaves a lasting impression on all who meet her, including General Burrows, who found Vera a model of energy and determination.

Lt. Colonel Bettie Love Honored by Soroptimists

Lt. Colonel Bettie Love Honored by Soroptimists


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