National seminar on evangelism

Glen Eyrie experience inspires zeal for evangelism.

Over 40 delegates from the Western Territory recently attended the 38th National Seminar on Evangelism (NSE), held in Glen Eyrie, Colo.

“As a NSE skeptic…I was to be proved so wrong in my assumptions of the seminar. Delegates poured out, yet received Holy Spirit passion during an intense week of learning and application, many receiving positive affirmation of the great Salvation Army role in kingdom building –and their individual responsibility as well,” said Carl Darby territorial director of Adult Christian Education, Evangelism, Discipleship and Lay Leadership. Darby Taught person to person evangelism and discipleship classes at this year’s NSE.
Delegates spent the week studying the Biblical background of evangelism and reviewing Charles Lake’s specially created Salvation Army study in order to build a sound basis for evangelism.

“Evangelism is often a scary word for some, it takes a lot of courage to approach a total stranger about Christ. I learned so many things at NSE; my mind and spirit were renewed. I was reminded of how powerful God really is, and how he can equip us for every task. I recommend every officer and soldier attend,” said Captain Lynn A. Stewart of the Sacramento Citadel Corps, Del Oro Div.
As part of the person to person classes 126 delegates and staff members visited over 800 homes and led 55 people to make decisions for Christ.

Robert Matus, of the River Valley Corps, Northwest Division, followed God’s voice to a woman, named Emilia, on the street. They talked with and he shared Christ’s message for a few minutes before a man approached them. “His name was Armando,” relates Matus, “and he said a few words that surprised me immensely: ‘I know that I don’t need to be a drug-addict, a thief or a killer to seek God’s forgiveness. I need him in my life.’” Armando told him he had been having conversations with God on the same things they were talking about and that he had had a dream two nights before that people were coming to talk to him—“and here you are,” he said.

“As a result of the teaching at NSE, we have redefined the purpose of all our corps activities into one phrase: make disciples. We want to reach people for Jesus, teach them his word, and gear everything toward making followers of Christ,” said Captain Mary Norton, of the El Cajon Corps, Sierra del Mar Division.

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