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Western Territory youth will keep busy during Commissioning weekend.

by Ivan Wild, Major –

This year, youth from around the Western Territory will be attending and participating in commissioning activities. Both the Territorial Youth Band (TYB) and the Territorial Youth Chorus (TYC) will be on duty, providing incredible, uplifting music. Their members are some of the most talented musicians in the territory—each division is represented in the two groups. As chaplain to the TYB, I have seen the witness of the band. They bless people wherever they go. Major Jennifer Wild, chaplain of the TYC, says that these young people have energy and passion—plus they are a lot of fun! Both groups have a powerful witness; for these musicians, what they do is all about ministry, not performance.

The territory’s youth bring more than music. Bible Bowl teams from all 10 divisions will be on hand. Over 30 teams competed at the divisional levels to make it to the finals. Over the last two years, enthusiasm and competitiveness for Bible Bowl has grown. This year we will feature more games by having only two-way matches instead of three-way matches. Watching young people quote Scripture and answer questions about the Word of God is something special. All participants who memorize Scripture are winners because: I have hidden your Word in my heart that I might not sin against thee. There is no better victory.

This year’s Service Corps teams will be at commissioning—25 youth who will be starting their orientation before embarking on an eight-week mission trip to one of these locations: Mexico, the Philippines, Tonga, Micronesia, and the U.S. At the Saturday night late activity we will be celebrating missions—saying goodbye and praying for the Service Corps members.

Sunday school will be available for all ages—there is no better way to start the day than getting into God’s Word. Some of our divisional youth secretaries and service corps members will be the Sunday school teachers for the youth.

We are anticipating over 200 young people at Commissioning. Let us continue to pray, support and encourage the youth of the Western Territory. God is doing something great in their lives. One day, some of these young people may be taking the place of the cadets that will be commissioned. Let’s uplift them in our prayers.

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