Munns to be special guests at Commissioning

Couple will lead Saturday morning workshops on Spiritual Life Development.


By Glen Madsen, Major

Lt. Colonel Richard Munn, principal of the International College for Officers; and Lt. Colonel Janet Munn, international secretary for Spiritual Life Development, are among the special guests for this year’s Commissioning activities. Dynamic leaders with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience, the Munns will lead the Saturday morning activities featuring solid biblical teaching and practical guidance for abundant living.

The activities will commence 8 a.m. Saturday, June 11, with a united session including a continental breakfast and keynote address by Lt. Colonel Janet Munn. Delegates may then attend two of the following four workshops:
Session I—WORSHIP—Instructor, Lt. Colonel Richard Munn (9 a.m.)

We call Salvationists worldwide to worship and proclaim the living God, and to seek in every meeting a vital encounter with the Lord of Life.

A.W. Tozer described worship as “the missing jewel of the evangelical church.” If worship is the primary function of the church, then simply being evangelical is not enough. Does this apply to The Salvation Army? This session will address these questions, survey basic worship principles and seek to fashion a Salvationist theology of worship.


Session I—THE INNER LIFE—Instructor, Lt. Colonel Janet Munn (9 a.m.)

We call Salvationists worldwide to enter the new millennium with a renewal of faithful, disciplined and persistent prayer; to study God’s word consistently and to seek God’s will earnestly; to deny self and to live a lifestyle of simplicity in a spirit of trust and thankfulness.

This workshop will explore a variety of spiritual disciplines that become life patterns, forming us in Christ’s likeness. Several disciplines will be practiced with resources recommended.


Session II—CALL TO LIFE TOGETHER—Instructor, Lt. Colonel Janet Munn (11 a.m.)

We call Salvationists worldwide to rejoice in their unique fellowship; to be open to support, guidance, nurture, affirmation and challenge from each other as members together of the body of Christ; and to participate actively and regularly in the life, membership and mission of a particular corps.

This workshop will explore the biblical foundation of “the people of God” in community—how they relate to one another, need one another and can build a true Christian community.


Session II—CALL TO HOLINESS—Instructor, Lt. Colonel Richard Munn (11 a.m.)

We call Salvationists worldwide to restate and live out the doctrine of holiness in all its dimensions—personal, relational, social and political—in the context of our cultures and in the idioms of our day while allowing for, and indeed prizing, such diversity of experience and expression as is in accord with the Scriptures.

This workshop will examine holiness for everyone, every part and every day. The claims of our holiness doctrine are stunning: purity of heart available for all believers, possible here and now. Its scope is universal—everyone holy, every part holy, every day holy. This session will focus closely on the wording of our 10th doctrine and seek to affirm Salvationist holiness convictions.


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