More blessed to give…

Eight-year-old boy donates birthday presents to the needy.

by Lisa Sargent

Lincoln Boone (center) stands with Marine Corps Reserve Unit members. [Photo by Lisa Sargent]

The Yakima, Wash., Salvation Army witnessed firsthand the act of joyful, unselfish giving when Lincoln Boone donated all of his birthday presents to the local Toys for Tots program.

Lincoln, who turned 8 on Nov. 10, 2009, invited 40 friends to celebrate with him. Little did his guests know the plan he had for his presents.

Lincoln’s initial idea was to donate half of his presents to needy children for Christmas. After talking with his parents, however, he decided that his gift should be all or nothing.

After his party, The Salvation Army and the local Toys for Tots Marine Corps Reserve Unit picked up two plastic bags full of new toys, $86 in cash and $40 worth of gift cards.

Amazed at Lincoln’s unselfish giving, his friends and their parents were not offended that Lincoln did not keep his gifts for himself.

Since 2008, the Yakima Corps and the local Toys for Tots Marine Reserve Unit have partnered to assist deployed Marines during the holiday season, and all year long The Salvation Army welcomes servicemen home with coffee and donuts.

A few days after his donation, Lincoln and his dad came to my office to thank me—they thanked me!

Lincoln was thanking me, the representative for The Salvation Army as a group, along with the Marines and the group of families who will have a happier Christmas because of the work we love to do.

Lincoln, you are welcome.

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