Microsoft Grants $1.25 Million

GENEROUS DONATION–(l-r) Larissa Golden-Brown, Major Kurt Burger, Suzane Kruse and Randy Haan check out a Microsoft software packag


by Major Barbara Blix – 

Persistence has paid off for the Cascade Division: the Microsoft Corporation has chosen The Salvation Army as one of 10 recipients of a multi-million dollar grant in the form of software, its share valued at $1.25 million. This up-to-date software will benefit not only the division–which submitted the proposal–but the entire territory.

Cascade Divisional Commander Major Kurt Burger, experienced in trying to mesh Microsoft’s profits with the Army’s needs, knew chances of receiving the grant were slim. Nevertheless, he gave permission to Suzanne Kruse, divisional information systems analyst, and Randy Haan, MIS director, to pool their experience and develop a plan of action. “The only failure is in not trying,” he said.

The concept and supporting information were presented to Larissa Golden-Brown, a grant writer in the division’s development department, who produced a proposal for submission to the corporation. A Microsoft representative stated that “the proposal from The Salvation Army was the best researched and most well-written of all those we received soliciting the grant.”

“Our heads are still swimming with the excitement of the gift of software from Microsoft,” stated Territorial Information Technology Secretary Clarence White. “Skid loads of shrink-wrapped packages have begun to arrive and we are planning how we will distribute them around the territory. Microsoft’s generosity in this donation will be far reaching, benefiting many people both inside and outside the Army.”

A recognition luncheon was held recently in Portland to honor the efforts of Kruse, Haan and Golden-Brown in soliciting this award. National Chief Secretary Col. John Bate presented these dedicated employees with his congratulations, along with letters of appreciation and personal regards from Territorial Commander Commissioner David Edwards.

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