Meet the Cadets

Of the preparers of the Way Session

Laura Fenton
Children name(s): Sean, Meaghan
home corps: Fort Collins Corps, Intermountain Division
generation salvationist: First
What brought you to tsa: My husband met Captain Don Sheppard; through our relationship with the Sheppards, we felt God calling us to this ministry.
Ministry/passions: To be an example of Christ to all I meet—also discipling women and leading women’s Bible studies.
Hobbies & interests: Singing, reading fiction, watching movies with my husband, cross-stitching and scrap booking.

Thomas Fenton
children name(s): Meaghan, Sean
Home Corps: Fort Collins Corps, Intermountain Division
Generation Salvationist: First
What Brought You To TSA: I met Captain Don Sheppard who spoke to me at a youth event where I was preaching.
Ministry/Passions: Preaching, teaching, discipling, and plugging people into their ministry passions and potential.
Hobbies & Interests: Reading, theology, football, World War II movies and classic movies.

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