Maxwell Rededicates Kaimuki Campus

by Judy Lee –

In a moving ceremony, The Army’s Kaimuki Campus in Honolulu, home of Family Treatment Services (FTS), was recently rededicated. In attendance were Commissioners Earle and Wilma Maxwell, Chief of the Staff and World Secretary of Women’s Organizations, and Commissioners Peter and Grace Chang, Western territorial leaders.

Serving addicted women, their children and families, the FTS is the only licensed program in the State of Hawaii that allows women in recovery to keep their children with them. The entire nuclear family is involved in treatment. The continuum of care includes assessment/outreach services, outpatient, day and residential treatment and aftercare services. The program also provides a therapeutic nursery and psychiatric day treatment for 3-7 year olds.

The rededication began with the unveiling of a commemorative stone and plaque on the grounds and continued in the chapel with over 180 guests in attendance. Decked out in muumuus and leis, clients and a staff member danced a Christmas hula in celebration of their new home. Divisional Commander Lt. Colonel Chris Buchanan observed that the dance was only one of the outward signs “of the grace that is coming into their lives.”

Linda Quinonez, a recent graduate of FTS and a single mother of three, told how the program had saved her life and the lives of her children. Tears welling up in her eyes, she said, “Don’t be shocked at what I am going to say, because it tells about how bad this disease is. If it came to a choice between my kids and my sobriety, I would give my kids up before I would give my sobriety away.”

She told how the program had given her back her self-esteem, taught her skills to cope with everyday living, how to be a better parent, and given her an opportunity to earn her GED. She is now a college graduate and earning a living for herself and her children.

Maxwell, in his dedicatory address, spoke of how God’s love is reflected in these programs every day as we follow the example of Jesus Christ to meet human needs in His name. Commissioner Wilma Maxwell, assisted by the FTS Executive Director Claire Woods and Chaplain Janet Young, presented five framed paintings of Christ with children to a representative of each cottage on the campus.

Chang conducted the ceremony with the lighting of a symbolic candle. “It is the season of light as Christ came and declared himself to be the light of the world,” he said. “So it is my privilege to mark this moment by the lighting of this candle, speaking of the help and hope that mothers and their children will receive in this Salvation Army program through faith in Jesus Christ.”

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