Making it happen with ‘just one’ of something



She was brainstorming with a far-off look in her eye–eating breakfast in a community diner. Commissioner Linda Bond, who makes things happen, had given an hour on her way to a busy day. I wrote down some of her thoughts.

Just think what we could do if every soldier in the territory found JUST ONE person to introduce to Christ this year – or committed to spending JUST ONE hour a week:

  • in helping someone clean house, or
  • volunteering at the food bank, or
  • visiting someone who is ill, or
  • helping with the after school program, or
  • getting involved with a prison ministry, or
  • mentoring one young person, or
  • relating to a home bound senior, or
  • providing holistic ministry at the corps social service office, or
  • practicing their musical instrument one hour more a week.

Just think what could happen if every soldier:

  • tithed one percent more of their annual income, or
  • put aside one pocket full of change daily for world service, or
  • gave one dollar a week for Sunday School, or
  • volunteered to drive people to church one Sunday every month

I wonder, she said, what some of our people could add to the list. I wonder if anyone will begin doing ONE something different this week. I wonder if even ONE corps will introduce the idea.

Then she was off to stir up some action with one more person somewhere else.

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