Majors David and Elisabeth Clitheroe

Majors David and Elisabeth Clitheroe

After 37 plus years of service, Majors David and Elisabeth Clitheroe have retired from officership.
They served almost entirely in social service ministries where, leading teams of dedicated staff and volunteer advisors, they were privileged to initiate many programs for the abused, poor and homeless, including: home care and home repairs for seniors, two senior congregate meal sites (one for Alaskan Natives), an adult day care center, two emergency assistance offices, two overnight emergency shelters, four veterans’ shelters and assistance programs, a medical respite program for homeless men, a newborn nursery for teen mothers in school, a transportation service for elderly and disabled, and a women’s emergency shelter.

In addition to their work on these and other programs, they were the officers in charge of: two residential treatment programs for children, a day treatment program for teens, a maternity program for low income women, two family emergency shelters, a domestic violence shelter, a homeless family assistance program, a community domestic violence program, a transitional housing program for victims of domestic violence, and a transitional housing program for homeless men.

They also provided service in several major disasters, including the first Watts (Los Angeles) riot, Fairbanks, Alaska flood, Iniki hurricane, and Mississippi River flood.

Major David Clitheroe was named a Frontiersman of the Year in 1990.

The Clitheroes have a parting message to Christian young people and to career Christians seeking more meaningful service—see if the Lord wants you to join The Salvation Army!

They also wish to thank Ms. Vivian Borkgren, their lifelong friend and mentor, for her counsel over the past 37 years.

Their retirement address is 10719 W. Bayside Road, Sun City, AZ 85351-2601.

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