Lord provides for Bakersfield Temple summer camp

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CHILDREN ATTENDING THE Bakersfield Temple summer camp enjoy spending time at a local swimming pool.

As the time for the traditional summer camp approached, Bakersfield Temple corps leaders experienced some anxiety.

This year the challenge was to meet the needs of a large group while facing financial limitations for the eight-week program.

Through our anxiety we heard the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, “Give them something to eat.” We had a crowd of hungry children, but only “five loaves of bread and two fish.” Together—my wife (Patricia) and I and the congregation—we prayed. We put our dilemma in the hands of the Lord and began to knock on doors. And do you know what happened?

The Lord faithfully responded, as he always does.

He multiplied the blessings and, opening doors, brought about summer camp at the Bakersfield Temple, along with the Food Program of the Bakersfield School District, which provided food, and the Bakersfield High School Job Training Program, which provided workers for our program.

Over eight weeks, while working alongside 10 volunteers and one temporary employee, we provided the children of the community with 1,469 breakfasts and 1,933 lunches. During this time we also held a Bible school for children from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. where 35 to 40 had the opportunity to share in an atmosphere of Bible teaching, sports, games, crafts, and fellowship. Twenty-two children accepted Jesus as their Savior, and my wife and I now have the commitment of going to the families of these children with the purpose of winning them for Christ.

We don’t have to feel limited with “five loaves of bread and two fish.” We remember that our Lord keeps us in mind and uses us to be part of the solution. We do our part, and he will do his part.

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