Live ’07 will combine performing arts and Bible Bowl.

Don’t miss Live ’07

Live ’07—coming Friday evening, June 8, during Commissioning weekend—will feature both a celebration of musical and creative talents from around the territory and the territorial Bible Bowl play-off.

The talent focus will be on young people ages 7 through 30 with limited restrictions on groups, sizes, or choice of performance.

Each division is expected to participate, and anticipation is building about the excitement that will be generated among youth, young adults and youth leaders. Live ’07 is not only an effort to showcase the talent God has given to the youth in the territory, but also an opportunity for youth to connect and reconnect with each other and be encouraged within their Army family.

It is also expected that Live ’07 will promote unity within corps and divisions, and solidarity in the youth across the territory. As they share in music, drama, brass, dance and other forms of creative ministry, ideas will be exchanged, creativity sparked, and God will be glorified.

The Bible Bowl tournament will take place all day June 8, starting with double elimination rounds in the morning and culminating in the final play-off at 7:00 p.m. during Live ’07. Currently, each division within the territory is expecting to send a team to the territorial play-off.

Thanks to the excitement and commitment of the Army’s young people, Bible Bowl has become a rapidly growing program throughout the territory. The participants can receive up to one year of corps cadet credit for taking part in this activity, thereby enhancing both programs. Several divisions are already holding practice rounds and regional play-offs.

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